Twitter, your way.


A new look for your desktop...

Tastes are always changing, and there's no reason why you should be locked into one specific look by your Twitter client. Twitt allows you to easily customize the way content is displayed, using easy to make (and modify) HTML+CSS themes.


Pictures are worth a lot...

You can easily add a picture to your tweet using Twitt's built-in image uploader. With just a few clicks you can have your image uploaded to TwitPic and ready to tweet.

Twitt also supports in-app loading for TwitPic, and yFrog images. You can easily view your friends' pictures without opening them in your browser.


Multiple personalities

Have more than one account? No problem, Twitt allows you to switch from account to account, making it easy to keep all your followers abreast of the situation.


You tweet my back...

Your friend just "tweeted" about another contest. Maybe it was a chance to win an exclusive dinner with The Internet. Now someone else did, too. Before long, your timeline is filled with these "tweets". Just add a keyword filter and watch as Twitt whisks them behind the curtain.



Twitt is designed to get out of your way and stay there. However, you can also set Twitt up to let you know when new content comes in, so you don't have to keep checking.


More on the inside...

These are just a few of the wonderful features in Twitt. Take advantage of Growl support, Offline reading, official Retweet support, your own custom notification sounds, and a tiny memory footprint.

Developers: want to add Twitt support to your app? Check out the Developer Documentation.
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