Please note: Twitt is offered as-is, without gaurentee that it will work for you. This page has been assembled to address common issues. If you are having an issue that isn't covered here, you're welcome to send a tweet to @TwittApp.

How can I make my own theme?

Check out the Theme Documentation on how to create your own custom themes for Twitt.

How can I retweet?

Twitt lets you to choose between Twitter's official Retweet function or using RT/Via. However, you're ability to reiterate/retweet is dependent on the theme you are using.

If you are using the Default theme, you can easily retweet by hovering over the author's picture. You can also mark the tweet as a favorite or quickly view their Twitter page.

I can't login!

First, make sure that Twitter isn't undergoing maintenance or fail-whaling. If Twitter is ok, please insure that your Twitter username and password are entered correctly in Twitt.

If you are still having issues logging in, please try the following:

  • Quit Twitt.
  • Find and move to trash the following file: ~/YourName/Library/Preferences/com.twittapp.twitt.plist
  • Open Twitt and re-enter your Twitter username and password

Can I add Twitt support to my app?

Yes! Twitt has a number of third party urls you can use to create new tweets, or URLs to existing tweets. See the Developer Documentation for specifics.
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